Sunday, February 26, 2012

Midnight Confessions by T.M. Bledsoe

Livie's life is hectic enough. She has four kids, two dogs, a mom and sister that cause pure chaos in her home and life. Now, her ex husband has decided she's the one to help him recuperate after a near fatal car accident. The last thing she needs is Dillon adding any more stress than there needs to be. Especially since the man is pure evil. He only used her while they were married.

Dillon has started to see all that he missed when he was married to Livie. Apparently she's not the money hungry woman he thought she was. And what happened to that Pomeranian that always hated him? That dog barked at him constantly.

I got caught up in this book from the beginning. I wanted to smack Dillon upside the head a few times. Of course, it was wonderfully written and I couldn't help falling in love with Dillon and cheering him on because of it. I wanted to be right in the middle of all the messes with the family. I was completely charmed by Jack, the accident prone child. The sexual tension was crazy. All in all, the story made me smile and tense up and I enjoyed it immensely.

Stars- 5
Passion- 3
Length- 300 pages

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jane Millionaire by Janice Lynn

Jill has decided to save her sister from breech of contract by going on Jane Millionaire, a new reality show, as her sister, Jessie. What Jill doesn't know is that Jessie pretty much stole her entire life, with the exception of her name. Even then, Jessie said that her friends call her Jill. When you have to pick between twelve bachelors, what do you do when you fall in love with the producer instead of one of the guys you're supposed to? This is Jill's dilemma.

Rob, the super sexy producer, has been burned before by actresses trying to sleep their way to the top. He's not interested in getting serious with any woman, especially not one looking to start up in show biz. He also can't ruin Jane Millionaire by having an affair with the star when she's supposed to choose a bachelor. So why can't he get her out of his head?

I really enjoyed this book. I picked it up because the idea of the bachelorette falling for the producer rather than a bachelor just sounded too good to pass up. I'm so glad I didn't pass it up. I loved Jill in all her witty, sarcastic, tough, feminine ways. Just because she's a cop doesn't mean she's not a woman. Rob was also very wonderful and hunky. Makes me want a Rob of my own. The ending totally blew me out of the water. I thought it was very creative and fun.

Stars- 5
Passion- 3
Length- 321 pages

Not Yet Recovered....I Do Have a Book to Post Though!

I'm not yet recovered from the flu but I have in fact finally finished a book. Now, I have a very sore throat on top of a scary high fever. 103 anybody? Yeah, I don't want it either. So, I know this post is short, but I will be posting a book review immediately after so I don't want you to get bored reading this and then not read my review of a wonderful romance.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sorry! I Have an Explanation!

I'm only on here long enough to let my loyal readers know why I haven't posted anything in the last couple of days and might not for the next couple of days. I haven't even picked up my Kindle in two days.

I have apparently caught the flu. I've had a splitting headache for the last three days, my neck hurts, my back hurts, my side hurts, and I'm running a fever from between 101-102.5 constantly. Not even Tylenol is bringing that bad boy down. And everything hurting is on my left side. Weird huh?

Okay, I'm crawling back to bed. Love you guys.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Scars of the Prophet: A Novel of War and Romance by Mingo Kane

Tom Judah has recently come home from his third tour of duty in Iraq. A Marine through and through. His doctors are worried about his mental health. While making his way from Vegas, he meets Jessica. Jessica is from a town not far from his own in Virginia. They decided to make the trip home together. Unfortunately, Tom can't stop the flashbacks.

This book was so beautifully written. The way the author worded this entire book was deep and beautiful and just took you away to another place. You were in Iraq with Tom. You were on the road with Tom and Jessica. You were sitting in a cabin in Virginia. At times I cried for what Tom went through in Iraq. His flashbacks are frequent and unnerving, knowing the men and women in this war are going through and feeling the same horrible things. This is definitely a book worth reading. It will make you feel and think. It also has a wonderful surprise ending that I didn't see coming until the very end.

Stars- 5
Passion- 1
Length- 165 pages

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nowhere Left to Hide by Elle Amberley

Natasha had a horrible childhood and it only got worse after parents deaths when her stepbrothers came for her. She's finally hid herself from them. When her university gives her the opportunity to go to California and finish college in Santa Barbara, she can't turn it down. It also gives her relief from worrying about her stepbrothers.

When Natasha gets to California, she starts making new friends rapidly. Everyone wants to talk to the British girl. When she meets Tyler, she can't deny the chemistry. Can Natasha overcome her reserve and let herself love?

I have to say that I enjoyed this book. I loved Tyler, Mike, Kirsten, and Natasha. I liked the adventures that they went on together around California. I also liked that Natasha had such good friends after the horrible life she had previously.

On the flip side, I would have enjoyed this book a lot more if the characters were developed as themselves. I get that the author is British, but no one in California talked like they were from America. Americans don't generally say, "Would you fancy some tea?" "Oh, yes, that would be lovely." At one point Tyler even called his mom "mum". These things are just not common here. BUT if you try to forget that they are in California, it's not a bad book.

Stars- 3
Passion- 1
Length- 279 pages

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Bride and the Brute by Laurel O'Donnell

Jayce has just married a man that despises her. He keeps saying he doesn't have a wife, won't consummate the marriage, and won't acknowledge her unless he has to. She doesn't know what to do with a husband that doesn't want her.

Reese doesn't want a wife unless they are deeply in love with one another. He's been forced into this marriage and can't wait to get it annulled. After some tramatic experiences as a child, he's decided that he won't let a woman put him through the pain that his mother put his father through.

This is a short novella. It's a sweet story. Good descriptions and the characters are well rounded. I enjoyed reading about Jayce and Reese. Jayce is very open, strong, and sweet. Reese gives you the feeling of a sweet, sensitive man under his extremely gruff exterior. I would like to read more from this wonderful author.

Stars- 5
Passion- 1
Length- 222 pages

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Waiting For Us by Michelle Sterling

Leah gets the surprise of her life when she comes into work and finds out there's been a new hire. It's none other than Ryan Thomas, the only man she has ever slept with, one time, seven years ago. The problem, a little girl named Amy that Ryan knows nothing about. Follow the story through Leah's struggles with whether to tell Ryan or not, how she keeps her secret, and what happens when they fall in love again.

This was a very nice story. I felt myself getting tense and tears coming to my eyes and smiling all through this book. I went with the wonderful roller coaster of emotions and found a wonderful cast that I fell in love with.

Stars- 5
Passion- 3
Length- 198 pages

Jasmine by Richard Cook

Jasmine has avoided dating at all costs since her divorce ten years before. When her friend Mary introduces her to the web, she starts an online friendship with a man named Luke. After a few months, Jasmine gets brave enough to ask to meet. She's instantly in love.

Maybe it was the Kindle version, but I doubt it. This book had a very cute story line, but the author could not decide between past and present. This was even an issue in the same sentence a lot of the time. Bugged me to no end to have to change it while I was reading.

Stars- 2
Passion- 2
Length- 268 pages

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mountain Magic by Trana Mae Simmons

Jon is learning how to become a mountain man. After he's cut out of his step father's will and his half brother marries Jon's fiance, he leaves Virginia to become a trapper in the west. With the help of an old trapper, Silas, Jon is learning all he needs to know to become a good mountain man. When Jon wins a woman from a Nez Perce Indian playing bones, he doesn't want her. He doesn't want the distraction of a beautiful woman, but can't help the feelings that start to develop.

Caitlyn doesn't want a man to tie her down or children to take away her freedom. She was taken in by her paw's Indian woman after his death by Grizzly bear. She remembers Silas as a friend of her paw's so decides to let him and Jon accompany her to her paw's cabin in the mountains. Cat tries to fight her feelings for Jon but soon realizes she loves him. When she finally remembers what she blocked out as a very small child, she knows that she never wants to have to choose between her children like her mother chose between her and her younger brother so many years before. Can these two overcome their fierce protection for the other to realize that they were meant to be together?

I know I say this a lot, but I couldn't put this book down. It held my attention from the beginning. It's beautifully written with wonderful descriptions. The characters are very well rounded and make you love each in their own way. They become your friends as well up on that mountain. I look forward to reading more by Ms. Simmons.

Stars- 5
Passion- 2
Length- 312 pages

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sahara: A Shifter's Tale by Ruth Soloman

Sahara has just watched her last hope die. As the chief's daughter, the two men battled for her hand and the title of the new chief. Shadron won the battle. A violent and brutal man, Shadron has decided to make Sahara pay, and pay dearly, for not accepting him when he won the fight to the death.

On the night they're supposed to marry, Sahara flees. She crosses through the veil into the Darkworld, only to discover she's not in the Darkworld, but Alabama. She's in her wolf form and roaming through the woods when she happens upon a road. Something she's never seen before. It's even worse when she gets hit by a truck. At least the driver is a vet.

Jeremy can't believe he's hit a beautiful black wolf. He takes her home where his clinic is also located and gives her a good once over. While she's recovering, he decides to check her blood. For some crazy reason she has human blood. Now he has to figure out what a wolf is doing with human blood. A few days later, when his beautiful wolf turns into a beautiful woman he's freaked out and amazed. Unfortunately, she doesn't speak his language. Now he has to help her learn English so he can help her get back home. When Shadron comes looking for Sahara, will Jeremy be able to protect her?

I couldn't put this book down. I was caught up in it from the very first sentence. I loved Sahara and how loving she was. Celia was a wonderful woman and friend. Bowser the basset hound even had some thoughts on a the pretty wolf. Finally, Jeremy. Jeremy was a kind and sweet man. He might have yelled a lot, but in a way it was endearing. Ms. Soloman wrote a beautiful story that just sucked you in with such detail you felt you were there.

Stars- 5
Passion- 5
Length- 303 pages

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Her Best Friend's Brother by T.J. Dell

Libby loves Tony. Tony loves Libby. Through an uncanny amount of misunderstandings these two finally figure it out. Libby has loved Tony since she was a little girl and seen him for the first time at her best friends house. Tony has loved Libby since she was sixteen and played Monopoly with him in some skimpy pajamas.

This book was cute, but I did get very frustrated with how many misunderstandings were in this book. It took these two WAY too long to finally get anywhere. I'm talking some serious years here. It did need a proofreader as there were several sentences with a missing word here and there, but still readable and, like I said, cute.

Passion- 2
Length- 149 pages

Friday, February 10, 2012

Broken by Kimberley Reeves

When Mitch Kincaid has to tell his twin brother's girlfriend that Adam has died, he decides that he just can't do it without giving her one more happy time with Adam. Mitch decides to pretend he's Adam for a few weeks and then leave, sending her the news of Adams death after. What he didn't bargain for was falling in love with the sweet and beautiful Jessie. Now, how does he tell her he's actually Mitch without losing her?

I thought this was a very sweet romance. It's fairly straightforward without a whole lot of conflict. It was well written and gave me the warm and fuzzies.

Stars- 4
Passion- 3
Length- 246 pages

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Forever by Theresa Weir

What do you do when you go from being thirty-eight to nineteen? This is what Sammy has had to do. He's been in a cat wreck and when he woke up he was nineteen. Not physically. Mentally. The horrible VA hospital he was in had already written him off as a lost cause after only two weeks. His sister, Molly, comes to visit him and sees the horrible way he's being mistreated and decides that he needs to be transferred. When he gets transferred to the university hospital things get a little better. His new doctor, Rachel Collins is a wonderful psychiatrist, but she has her own pain and broken past. Sammy has a way of seeing right into her and knowing where her pain lies and what buttons to push. He's angry and confused and wants to lash out. Rachel can't handle the pain that he brings forth in her and decides to leave, but when she finds out that Sammy is being mistreated by another doctor, she comes back to save him with a vengeance. Together, they learn to heal each other.

Okay, I just couldn't stop reading this book. It's kind of a taboo subject, doctor falls in love with a patient. I just wanted to hold Sammy and I did, at a couple points, cry for him. I felt so horrible about what he was going through. He was also so strong and vibrant that I couldn't help but fall in love with him. Rachel had me groaning for her as well. I felt horrible when I learned what happened in her past and how she still felt about it. I just couldn't imagine. The characters were beautifully written. I'm not sure if it's the Kindle edition or in both Kindle and print, but the words that end in "t", the t was replaced with an r. So you got bur instead of but. I just noticed it a few times, definitely not enough to disrupt me.

Stars- 5
Passion- 2
Length- 217 pages

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Road Well Traveled by Rosemary Fifield

While cleaning up a burnt out house they just purchased, Becky's husband Rob decides that he can't do it anymore. He can't live without his mistress and leaves Becky to go back to their old town and his mistress. Becky is shocked but not blind sided. She thought he might be wanting to leave her. Her friends are there to help her out. Dean and Greer help hold her up, all while Becky watches the marriage of her best friend Lauren and Chip fall apart. Then there's Hayden Flynn. Lauren told her to stay away from the Flynn's, but there's just something about Hayden that Becky can't deny. Through fears, heartache, new love, and manipulations, these people share their lives with us.

This book enraptured me. I couldn't put it down and read it in one day. I ached for these people. I smiled for these people and I cheered for these people. This was a beautifully written story that I never wanted to end.

Stars- 5
Passion- 1
Length- 440 pages

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Sometime Bride by Ginny Baird

While on a romantic weekend getaway, Carrie St. John gets the surprise of her life. Her fiance tells her that he's leaving her for another woman, tells her to spend the weekend on his dime, gets in his car and leaves her there. Now what should she do? She throws her engagement ring in the pool.

Mike Davis is having a really crappy day. He proposes to his girlfriend and she turns him down. On the way out, she throws her ring in the pool. Now he's got to go swimming to find the thing. While he's down there he discovers another ring. When he comes up he sees heart breaker standing there. What's with the women at this place? Do they all break hearts and then throw the rings in the pool?

When they get to talking, Mike decides that he wants to help Carrie out by pretending to be her fiance at her bridal shower. In exchange, he wants her to pretend to be his fiance at his twenty year reunion. What are they to do when they're not sure if it should just be pretend?

I really enjoyed this book. I found myself frowning and smiling. It evoked emotion. The Sometime Bride was well written and very sweet. I would really like to see more from Ginny Baird.

Stars- 5
Passion- 1
Length- 121 pages

Monday, February 6, 2012

Daydreams by Marcia Lynn McClure

Sayler knew that her daydreams about Bo Booker would never come true. It doesn't matter how handsome and nice he is. It doesn't matter that he even flirts with her. He's twenty-two and she's eighteen. There's no way that he would be interested in her. At least in her daydreams he's in love with her.
Bo can't believe how cute and sexy his candy striper is. The only problem is that she's so young. If only she was a year or two older.
Skip ahead three years. When Sayler is desperate for a job she seeks out Bo Booker. He hires her, but can she really work for a man she hasn't seen in three years but still loves just as much?

I love Marcia Lynn McClure books! I have not read a book by her that I haven't absolutely devoured and loved every second of it. Her romances are very clean with only some kissing, but she makes these books so sweet and heartwarming that you can't help but love them. This book just made me all warm and fuzzy to read.

Stars- 5
Passion- 1
Length- 216 pages

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Nanny's Knickers by Wren Mingua

Zoe has had one hell of a day. First, she loses her job. Then, her fiance comes home to tell her he's sorry that's he's been cheating on her with his ex girlfriend only three weeks to their wedding. So what's a girl to do? Hop on a plane and move from the US to London. Zoe gets a job as a live in nanny to a very horrid eight year old named Chris. Her boss Lewis won't quit staring at her butt or her chest and he won't stop hitting on her. His wife Gemma can't stand Zoe because she's pretty sure Lewis is sleeping with her. Ben, Lewis' younger brother, won't stop hitting on her and using all the charm in a young man's arsenal. Zoe can't get over the fact that Ben is ten years her junior and so blatantly wants her. Well, how can you resist a gorgeous twenty-two year old with beautiful dimples? Date him. Now what should she do when her ex fiance shows up to win her back?

I thought this book was very humorous. I loved Ben and his charming antics. I loved Zoe and her wit. I learned to fall in love with Chris yet I hated Lewis and Gemma. That's how it should be. I felt with Zoe and felt the same as she for all these characters. Zoe's partial blog posts at the beginning of each chapter really amused me and I found myself laughing out loud on more than once occasion.

Stars- 5
Passion- 2
Length- 220 pages

From Here to There by Rain Trueax

Helene decides on her wedding day that she's making a mistake. Unfortunately, or maybe very fortunately, she doesn't tell her fiance until after the ceremony. Immediately after the ceremony. Phillip is stunned that his new wife has decided to leave him so quickly. Helene goes to Montana to help out at her uncle's ranch and try to figure her life out. Her parents are getting divorced, she's getting an annulment and she's tired of everyone deciding her life for her. Uncle Amos decides not to tell Helene that before they came back to Montana from Boston that he paid a visit to Phillip. Uncle Amos has asked Phillip to come out to the ranch as a hand and maybe work his marriage out. Two weeks later, Helene starts to learn that there's a lot more to her business savvy husband. Something that makes him more like a real man.

I loved this book. I liked that the romance actually grew rather than just being shoved at me all at once. Helene and Phillip actually took the time to learn who the other was and see them for the person they are rather than the people that got married after barely knowing each other. The land was described beautifully, the writing was well done, although there were a couple of grammatical and punctuation errors. Nothing too serious, just enough to make you stop and reread the sentence again. I only noticed this a handful of times. It still didn't change my feelings for this wonderful book.

Stars- 4
Passion- 2
Length- 242 pages

Sorry About Missing Yesterday!

Yesterday was the first time I have missed posting a review. I will tell you why and hopefully, you, my wonderful readers, will forgive me. Yesterday was my sixth wedding anniversary. For the first time in two years, my wonderful husband was actually not at work. He was very sweet and loving all day long. I loved it and reveled in it.

As a special treat for my readers, there will be two wonderful book reviews posted today to help make up for missing yesterday. I will be posting those later this evening for your reading pleasure and maybe you will find yourselves with a new book to read.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Healing Hearts by Anna Murray

Jed Rutherford is a doctor in the small community of Wounded Colt. Unfortunately, Jed has a morphine addiction. This causes him to need another doctor to help him out. He sends for a mail-order doctor and instead of getting a man, he gets Hannah Sutton.
Hannah is a bright and forward thinking doctor who has worked hard to be a woman doctor. She quickly proves herself to Doctor Rutherford and he decides that he can't let her go. He doesn't want to go back to his lonely existence. Can these two people help each other and look past the others scars?

I enjoyed this read. I did, however, feel that it could maybe have been a little more drawn out rather than being tied up in such a neat and tidy little package. There's not much conflict in the story, they both get over their pasts very easily even though the author tried to make those the points of not being together. If you're looking for an easy, sweet romance to pass a couple of hours, this is perfect for that.

Stars- 3
Passion- 1
Length- 134 pages

Thursday, February 2, 2012

There's a New Sheriff in Town by Virginia Jewel

Millie lives in a small town where nothing changes. Especially how people see her. The whole town goes by the motto "Poor Millie". When the new sheriff from New York City arrives, Gill learns why town pities Millie. Gill doesn't see Millie as being poor. He sees her as the most beautiful and special woman he's ever met. When he decides to become her friend rather than rock the boat by asking her out, he soon learns that he won't be happy until she's his.

I loved this book. I loved the charming and sweet Gill, although I do think he blushed way too much for a manly man as he was portrayed. Millie was smart and sweet and stubborn. She loves everyone and doesn't really know how to tell anyone no. The writing was beautiful. I was right there in Delta with everyone else. The secondary characters were just as fun and charming as the main characters.

Stars- 5
Passion- 1
Length- 279 pages

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love in a Small Town by Betty Jo Schuler

Sam is going to Browning, Indiana to clear out and sell his grandparent's house that was left to him when his mother died. When he rolls into town he goes on a hunt to locate the key to the house. It was supposed to be at the attorney's office. The note said to go to the mayor's office. The note there said to go to the store called Radiance. When he got to Radiance, he couldn't help but notice the amazing pair of legs on a step ladder right before a bottle of lotion got dropped on his head. That's how Sam met Lily.
Lily is a little of everything for the town of Browning. She's also Sam's neighbor. With her sunny and upbeat attitude, she brings some light into Sam's life. What's a girl to do when Mr. Right is ready to run back to Arizona as fast as he can? She has to show him he really loves small towns. Especially Browning.

I enjoyed reading this sweet upbeat book. Lily was so happy and sweet that you couldn't help but love her and want to be her friend. Sam was charming and sweet and you just wanted to slap him upside the head to make him see what was right in front of him. This was a wonderful book to curl up and read on a cloudy afternoon.

Passion- 1
Length- 171 pages