Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cowboys Down by Barbara Elsborg

Jasper is a London stockbroker who has decided he needs to learn to unwind, get dirty, and have some fun. This decision leads him to Nielson Ranch in Wyoming. Why he even decides that going to a dude ranch is beyond him. He just knows that he wants to get on a horse without throwing up. Unfortunately, the only thing he really wants to ride is Calum, the ranch owner's son.

Calum wants Jasper from the moment he sees him. Trying to hide that fact from his homophobic father is becoming harder by the second. It also doesn't help that his father doesn't trust him one iota as far as a handsome gay man being on the ranch is concerned.

When these two collide they decide that some risks are worth taking and some lives are worth changing.

I figured out pretty quickly what I loved about his book. It had a plot between all that hot M/M sex. There was plenty of sex, but this author actually made the rest of the book worth reading. A beautiful storyline that made me tear up in places and sigh with longing in others, I couldn't resist reading and reading and reading. Yes, my dishes got neglected. I couldn't help it. I also loved the fact that both of these men were men and not stereotypically gay. These men also had issues and problems to deal with and work through. All in all, I would love to read more by Ms. Elsborg.

Stars- 5
Passion- 5
Length- 266 pages


  1. Ahh thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. You're very welcome! Thank you for your wonderful writing.